Stuart Hanna

Stuart first connected to the healing arts in 1996 while still working as a Hollywood screenwriter. He became certified in Transformational Bodywork™, through the Pacific School of Healing Arts and it’s founder, Fred Mitouer PhD.

Soon after Stuart attended his first “studio” yoga class at Yoga Works in Santa Monica, CA. He was primarily drawn to the classes of Saul David Raye, who wove sacred earth-based wisdom and Tantra philosophy into his yoga.  That approach resonated deeply with Stuart and further informed his world view. Saul suggested to Stuart that he further his yoga studies through the  Anusara Yoga School to receive the best possible training which aligned with this philosophy.

In 2002 Stuart completed his first Yoga Teacher Training with Certified Anusara teachers Noah Maze and Naime Jezzeny. Soon thereafter he co-founded Mission Street Yoga in South Pasadena. That studio quickly became the benchmark for exceptional heart-based neighborhood yoga kulas (communities) in Southern California and beyond.

Stuart completed his certification hours through advanced training with John Friend, Sianna Sherman, Darren Rhodes and philosophy teachers, Dr. Douglas Brooks, Paul Mueller Ortega and Sally Kempton.

Into the Asana sets,  Stuart weaves secular teachings of earth based wisdom, psychology, religious studies and humanist Rajanaka Tantra as conveyed to him by his teacher Dr. Douglas Brooks. Stuart is known for his down to earth teaching style, his big heart and dry, or sometimes very wet sense of humor!

In 2013 Mission Street Yoga was sold so that Stuart could pursue a dream of creating a  yoga and mediation retreat center in the Southern California Mountain community of Juilan, CA, a beautiful destination, shooting distance form Los Angeles and San Diego.

Currently Stuart and his partner Hannah manage Svatantira retreat center where he teaches weekly classes to the locals and 8 retreats per year.

Stuart is also the founder of Dharma Tribe™ yoga and wellness studio management software, is the founder of Blue Truck Designs web design firm,  and is the co screenplay writer of Starhawk’s novel, the Fifth Sacred Thing which is currently in pre-production.